Cool Slideshow Whiteboard Animated Video Creations

A short 60 seconds commercial type of videos describing the various types of business. It is a combinations of slides, moving pictures, music and voice overs.

Cool Videos Creations

Professional Video Creation

Our video marketing solution will enable you to profit from the videos created with us. We ensure the videos will be captivating for your target audience. Perfect for commercials, educational, presentation

Truly Affordable

Creating slideshow and / or animation videos takes hours for skilled professionals to accomplish. We have streamlined the process so we can offer this normally expensive type of video to you at a mere fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Scriptwriting And  Voice Overs

Our team of professional writers enhances the video experience for the viewer with persuasive sales copy with strong calls to action. We also provide voice over ready to lend their voice to your  video. Get the sound and feel that will connect with your customers and make them reach for their wallets!

Our Process


Step 1- Script Writing

We provide the script or you provide your own


Step 2- Voiceovers

Provide your own or our pros will record them for you.


Step 3- Story Board

We submit still sketches of pictures your video will contain for your approval.


Step 4- Production

We create the animation of the drawings combined with voice overs to create your masterpiece.


Step 5- Delivery

After the final video is approved we will deliver it to you for internet and television use.

Simple Pricing

Slide Show

Slide Show Video

RM 300
  • Duration 1 minute
  • No Of Pictures 10
  • Stock Music
  • Stock Photo
  • Summary Script
  • One Revision

White Board

Whiteboard Video

RM 900
  • Duration 1 minute
  • No Of Pictures 10
  • Stock Music
  • Stock Photo
  • Summary Script
  • One Revision


Animation Video

RM 1300
  • Duration 1 minute
  • No Of Pictures 10
  • Stock Music
  • Stock Photo
  • Summary Script
  • One Revision

Our Portfolios

RJ Works Sdn Bhd
Promo video for RJ Works Sdn Bhd, a building facade contractor.
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National Maritime Institute Of Technology
Promo video for National Maritime Institute Of Technology , Johor Bharu.
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Entrepreneur Culture Inc, Sdn Bhd
Promo video for Entrepreneur Culture Incorporated Sdn Bhd
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Discovery Academy Sdn Bhd
Promo video for Discovery Academy Sdn Bhd, a private after school center located in Shah Alam.
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Infosys Gateway Sdn Bhd
Promo video for Invensys Gateway Sdn Bhd, an IT company .
Read more.
Sea Horse Services Sdn Bhd
Promo video for Sea Horse Services Sdn Bhd, an oil and gas service company.
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Ku Emm Welness Care Center
Promo video for Ku Emm Health Care Center, a woman' healthy care center.
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Promo video for Remind, a human resource training company.
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Decon Design
Promo video for Decon Design, a furnisher retail outlet.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Project Questionaire

This is the first process in creating the video. The client will be asked some questions regarding the videos intended purpose. The answers to this questionaire will form the basis of the next process.

Video Production

This is the third process in the creation of the video. The video will be produced using the agreed video types ( slide show, whiteboard animated or animation ) based on the approved story board. The client will review them and once approved, the video is finalised.


This scope will only be included if voiceovers are required in the videos. The script will be writted based on the approved storyboard. The script has to be approved prior to the start of the voiceovers process.

Background Music

Most of the videos produced will be done with background music in them. The background musics are mostly royalty free i.e free to be used without any licensing requirement. If the client wishes to use their own music, they must have rights to them.

Story Board

This is the second process in the creation of the video. The story board will prepared using Power Point with the proposed images placed in it. The client has to approved the story board before proceeding to the next stage.


The produced video will be produced to the various video sharing sites once finalised. The video sharing sites will include Youtube, Vimeo etc.


This scope will begin after the completion of the script writing process. Professionals English ( UK, USA or Australia) voice overs artist will be used in the process.

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